Mr. Kennedy stats:
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 243 pounds
From: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Signature Move: JFK or Green Bay Plunge


The Future of Sports Entertainment, Ken Kennedy, aka "Mr. Kennedy" is from the Smackdown talent roster for WWE. He made his debut August 25, 2005 on Smackdown! where he defeated Funaki in singles competition. His pay per view debut occurred in 2005 at No Mercy, where he defeated Hardcore Holly. He defeated Lashley in a triple threat match on the September 1, 2006 Smackdown to win the WWE US Title, his first and only WWE title won. He is currently one of the cockiest, yet most entertaining wrestlers who is taking WWE full force, showing no regard for his opponents. He arrives to the ring where a microphone drops down from above. A single spotlight highlights this WWE superstar in the middle of the ring as he announces his arrival to the ring.

Also notable is that Kennedy had beaten 5 Former World Champions in the past year. These were The Undertaker (Survivor Series 2006 & No Mercy 2006), Batista (Great American Bash 2006 & also on SmackDown!), King Booker (in Sept. on SmackDown!) , Rey Mysterio (September 15th Edition of Smackdown) and Kane (October 27th Edition of Smackdown)

LATEST MATCH: 2/18/07 - Mr. Kennedy wins by DQ vs. Lashley (WWE No Way Out for ECW Title)

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